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Saturday, 11-11-2017, 12:30 pm, Münsterplatz, Bonn (Germany)

World Climate Conference Bonn: Our Environment // Our Future // Our Resistance!

Mass Demonstration on World-Climate-Action-Day

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The cause of global warming, deforestation, poisoning agriculture land with pesticides, contamination with plastic trash and nuclear waste in the oceans and in the soil, also the dirty production of energy with coal, natural gas and uranium cause a big globally disaster, will put the existence of the entire mankind at risk!
RADICAL IMMEDIATE MEASURES ARE URGENTLY NEEDED! Despite highest emergency all the annual climate summits ended up without binding results, only with “declarations of intent”! Either the agreement of Paris was non-binding. The rush into a global environment and climate catastrophe will be taken looking malicious and eye in purchase! In July 2017 the G20 states , together responsible for 75% of CO2 emissions, publicly expressed according to the Paris agreement to combat global warming also with nuclear power, fracking as supposedly clean fossil energy!

Thus, the Paris agreement as a complete sham exposed. All concrete targets are deleted from the actual “Climate Protection Plan 2050”. Instead, the german government shields the car industry who pollute knowingly the air and want to adhere to the internal combustion engine.

More and more people get increasingly clear, we can’t keep it this way. Worldwide develop an outery to save the environment! At the climate summit 2009 in Copenhagen were more than 200 000 on protest. The “climate marching” 2014 mobilized millions of people worldwide. In November 2017 the 23rd (!) World Climate Summit (COP23) takes place here in Bonn. Thereby the international protest will be also guest here in Bonn!

We as an equal alliance of various organisations, groups and individuals call out to a multifarious protest, reaching its climax at this big demonstration here on 11.11. in Bonn. We are many, we are various, however we are united to stand up together for saving the environment -of course anti-fascist based on: Refugees welcome! We want to point out alternative thus we could still breath clean air in 50 years and listen to the birds singing in the forests. We want to stand up for a world without gearing for profit and devastating environment. We want to stand up for a world built up with solidarity, environmental awareness and the unite of mankind and nature. An immediate change of course is urgently needed! We make this a clear manifest unmistakably on the international committed Word Climate Action Day.

Come all together to Mass Demonstration
Saturday // 11.11.2017 // 12:30 pm, Münsterplatz, Bonn

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119 signatures
119 Frau Selina Geilich Siegburg Siegburg Nov 11, 2017
118 Herr Wolfgang Weiss 76547 Sinzheim Nov 10, 2017
117 Herr Martyn Johnson Hamburg Nov 10, 2017
116 Frau Christel Orizu Bonn Regionalgruppe Köln/Bonn der Tibet Initiative Deutschland e.V. Berlin Nov 10, 2017
115 Herr Florian Wetzel Nov 10, 2017
114 Herr Peter Kappenstein 54290 Trier Nov 10, 2017
113 Herr klaus kinzel duisburg Die Linke/Umweltgewerkschaft Nov 09, 2017
112 Herr Björn Jürgensen Hannover African Climate Voices - Afrikanische Stimmen zum Klimawandel (Gründer) Nov 09, 2017
111 Herr Gérard Halie Paris France Le Mouvement de la Paix - France Nov 09, 2017
110 Frau Andrea Ebert Rabenau Sprecherin der Montagsdemo Dresden Nov 09, 2017
109 Herr Milan Bredt Wuppertal Physikstudent Nov 08, 2017
108 Frau Michèle Kuschel Mülheim an der Ruhr Studiengangsmanagerin Universität Duisburg-Essen Nov 08, 2017
107 Herr Paul Fröhlich Rüsselsheim Rüsselsheim Nov 08, 2017
106 Frau Sibylle Arians Solingen Vorstand ethecon - Stiftung Ethik & Ökonomie Nov 07, 2017
105 Herr Christof Harnau Berlin Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Berlin Brandenburg e.V. Nov 07, 2017
104 Herr Jan Kaiser Nov 07, 2017
103 Frau Mirjam Beyer Wachtberg Sachbearbeiterin Nov 07, 2017
102 Herr Robin Stierkat LAUPHEIM Aktives ProVeg Mitglied Nov 07, 2017
101 Herr Bernd Ebersberger Nürnberg Arbeiter Nov 07, 2017
100 Frau Karin Puppel Kassel Vorstand Umweltgwerkschaft Kassel Nov 07, 2017
99 Frau Stefan Zimmer Berlin ver.di Nov 07, 2017
98 Herr Dieter Reicherter Althütte Nov 07, 2017
97 Frau Susanne Behrens Bremen Nov 07, 2017
96 Frau karin zan bi kiel mlpd ortsgruppe kiel Nov 06, 2017
95 Herr Sebastian Zumdick Münster MLPD Münster Nov 06, 2017
94 Frau Janet Noia Hamburg Chemielaborantin Nov 06, 2017
93 Herr Dieter Grünwald Gladbeck ver.di / Umweltgewerkschaft Nov 06, 2017
92 Herr Olaf Swillus Essen BUND e.V. / Umweltgewerkschaft e.V. / ver.di / ... Nov 06, 2017
91 Herr Reiner Weigand Stuttgart Schauspieler Nov 05, 2017
90 Frau Brigitte Demant Bonn Nov 05, 2017
89 Herr Wolfgang Spoden Duisburg Nov 05, 2017
88 Herr kLAUS jÜRGEN jÜRGENSEN Köln Stadtplaner Nov 05, 2017
87 Herr Stephan Brandt Hamburg Nov 04, 2017
86 Frau Mira Anhuf Krefeld Nov 04, 2017
85 Frau cynthia volkert goettingen uni goettingen Nov 03, 2017
84 Herr Wanja Lange Rebellisches Musikfestival Nov 02, 2017
83 Frau Maren Grabowski Ronnenberg Ronnenberg Nov 02, 2017
82 Herr Martin Goebler Essen Nov 02, 2017
81 Herr Felix Weitenhagen Berlin Schlosser und Betriebsrat im Siemens Schaltwerk Nov 02, 2017
80 Frau Nina J. Neumann Flensburg Umweltbildung Nov 01, 2017
79 Frau Betty Rossa Linz / Österreich Künstlerin Nov 01, 2017
78 Frau Beata Jablonska Wieden Nov 01, 2017
77 Herr Wolfgang Burggraf Bonn Trainer und Berater für Diversity und Ethik Nov 01, 2017
76 Herr Christian Prof. Dr. Jooß Goettingen Physiker Nov 01, 2017
75 Herr dieter reger Nürnberg armer teufel / galerie nürnberg Nov 01, 2017
74 Herr Hans-Peter Stimler Ravensburg Okt 31, 2017
73 Frau Jana Boltesdorf Niederkassel Schülerin, Jugendbündnis Green Revolution Okt 31, 2017
72 Herr dieter reger nürnberg laborgrupo armer teufel Okt 30, 2017
71 Frau Klaus Freudigmann Berlin Montagsdemo Berlin /Moderator Okt 29, 2017
70 Frau Gabriele Bernklau Köln Okt 28, 2017